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Welcome to the 4F Guild

Welcome to the Friendly Furkids Fun Factory. We are proud memfurs of the 'Catmandu Club'. Pleeze check our pages and learn more about us and hopefully join with us to help spread good cheer throughout Catmandu.

Our main responsibility is to send special, official Catmandu cards to all memfurs of the club, not just our guild, but the entire club!! These official cards will be sent for Birfdays, Wedwinks, illnesses and for our brofers and sisfurs who go to the bridge. If any other occasions arise we will decide, as a guild, weather to send cards or not. We will need each memfur to take a turn (one month at a time) to purrisonalize and send these cards, if mew are able. If mew are not able to send these cards, other jobs around the guild can and will be found for mew to purrticipate in. We want, and need, memfurs who are willing to be the sunshine kitties at Catmandu. Every club need sunshine - and that is what we are all about.

Of course, we do not expect mew to work all the time and have no fun. Here at the 'Fun Factory' our work is FUN!!! We will be giving points for all the different things mew do here. You will be able to advance in the ranks here in this factory. Don't expect to be the C.E.O., as there are five of us already, Scully, Fox, Ned, Alex and Spud. But advancement is easily earned. And the rewards of a 'happy' heart is even nicer! We will be giving points for a variety of different tasks and achievements. Check our points page for more information.

We have an announcement Bullitin Board, The 4F Scratching Post, in the main menu for mew to list mewr own parties, wedwinks, memorials, contests or anything mew would like to let us know about. Pleeze feel free to post here. It is mewr Scratching Post!!!! Pleeze check to see who is having a special event you may want to visit. We all love to go to parties, don't we??

Ned and Alex have made our official Catmandu Birfday card for us to use this year. But towards the end of this year we will be asking for memfur submissions for next years card. Start thinking about what mew would like to submit. There will be a contest where all 4F memfurs will vote to decide which card we will use for all of next year. The kitty who wins the birfday card contest will also be the creator of all the other cards for the year. Such an honor for one winning kitty!!!! And points too!!

We also have a Catering Service. Memfurs are encouraged to submit their handiwork or freeware images for our pages (points Here!!!) Any party supplies, food, banners, gifts, baloons - just anything a kitty might need to help give a great party. These pages will be open for all Catmandu kitties. Everykitty can have a great party, every time. It is always fun to share with our fellow Catmandu memfurs!!

We also have other ideas in our minds for this Factory - we will be in charge of the Santa Paws Program this year!!! And we are also always open for your ideas. We want to make this a Fun Factory for all of us!!!!!

Pleeze browse our factory and join us in our fun.......


Friendly Furkids
Fun Factory

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