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On this page you will find out how to earn points and see how many you need for each level. We have many of ways to earn points.


  • For joining 4f guild....20 points
  • For making a member banner...15
  • For submitting a card.....50 points
  • For submitting a image....15 points
  • For a winning card....100 points
  • For a bug report......5 points
  • For sending cards for 1 month... 100 points
  • more will be added soon

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    We will have 6 levels and a Award for each level for you to add to your website. The points you need for each level are listed below.

    level 1...20 to 500 points
    level 2...600 to 1000 points
    level 3...1100 to 1500 points
    level 4...1600 to 2000 points
    Level 5...2100 to 2500 points
    Level6...2600 to 3000 points

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