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Furkids just love parties. We love to have parties and we love to go to parties!!! If any memfur of Ailurophilia is having a party, any kind of party, please write to Scully, Fox & Spud with your party information, and we will list it here. If you are a furkid looking for a fun party, just click on these links for some great parties!!!

Bridget & Conor Bridget & Conor's 11th Birfday Now Party Here
Boomer Boomer's 7th Birthday Now Party Here
Diamond The Shelter Cats Bash 9/2/00 Party Here
Peppersugar Party fur cats who love to eat & play Now Party Here
You ?? ?? Party Url
You ?? ?? Party Url
You ?? ?? Party Url


Meow Guys
My gallery, The Cat's Corner, is hafing a dress-up fur Halloween. If mew would like to dress up in costumes and be in it just send mewr pictures and tell any furriends in AIL too. I thought 'cause CLAW isn't hafing one this year I would keep up the tradition. Gallery should be ready by Oct 15th.
Please email - Duchess Pepper Mille'Le'Purr


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